Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits

1. It snowed and was it was freezing, but your tears convinced Dad to take you out and build a snow man and it was well worth it.
2. We had to start you on some antibiotics for fluid in the ear. The ENT said it wasn't infected but wanted to see if the antibiotic would get rid of the fluid. Next route is tubes...ugh
3. We went to Omaha for the weekend to visit with friends and you hit it off with their little boy, Ren.
4. You enjoyed the Omaha zoo but didn't think it was too amazing. I am not sure if animals are your thing.
5. You would rather have a cheeseburger at "Unc McDonalds" (Mc Donalds) than chicken nuggets.

1. I wasn't looking forward to switching your car seat around but I might be soon. You hate the carseat and protest every time.
2. Our friend's house had stairs and you climbed them very well. However, we weren't there long enough to teach you how to go down yet but you do know how to get off Austin's bed the right way.
3. You still take 2 naps a day usually and I don't see that changing right now. I remember Austin stopped morning naps at 1.
4. You were put on antibiotics for an eye infection but the doctor wasn't so sure it was but just to be safe he decided too.
5. You are such a happy baby but you have yours days like most people...that you are not happy or content. I struggle with those days because it messes up our happy, carefree routine. Usually, the bad days co-inside with bad sleeping the night before.
Lennox and I were both having a bad day and I sent this picture to Gary letting him know.

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