Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Match Day

March was a really exciting time for our family but the first half of the month went by so slowly.
We found out on March 14 that Gary had matched into Family Medicine, we then had to wait until March 18 at noon to find out where. The morning of I took the boys to the gym to waste the time away and Gary stayed home and gave himself a haircut and cleaned the bathroom. I got home around 10:30 and the next hour and half went by SO SLOW. We received the email a few minutes before noon and we looked at each other and I remember Gary saying, "you ready?". 
He opened the email and the first thing I saw was SHANS HOSPITAL- Univ Florida. We probably didn't say anything to each other for 5 seconds. I was actually second guessing the location because I didn't know where SHANS Hospital was and was wondering if it was the other Florida locations we interviewed at but then I saw Univ Florida and figured it was Gainesville. We were both really excited and let it soak in for a few minutes. We probably would have let it soak in longer but we had several people texting us!

My feelings on moving to Gainesville, is excitement and ready for a new adventure. Gary found our rank list we made before he ever interviewed back in September and it was so cool to see that at of the top 28 places we rank that not one of them was the place we were meant to go.

Heavenly Father had his hand in our lives since the beginning of this medical school journey and like usual our plans never turn out how we envisioned but better.

Gary had looked into the program at Gainesville before applying but decided against it because they hadn't accept a DO for a long time. Our best friends had moved there for anesthesia and Tyler just happened to be on his Family Med rotation in November and started talking to them about Gary. We were in Hawaii when Gary got a text from Tyler telling him to apply and he thinks he'll get an interview. I remember Gary coming to me asking me about it and I remember saying , "what's another $30 at this point". He applied Thanksgiving Day. We got an email from the program director on Monday inviting Gary to interview. We had to cancel one interview and change another to fit in this one in but it all worked out. Gary went out in January and interviewed and it went great and got a really nice email back. 
After that we had a little over a month to rank and it was by far a lot harder then I had anticipated. It seemed that Gary and I took turns on changing our rank list. One day I felt one way and the next day I'd feel differently but Gary felt the other way. Fortunately, it became very clear the last few days how we would rank and I felt at peace with it. Gary I feel felt at peace but was second guessing the last few minutes before we could change it. For once I was the level headed one! haha
After it is all said and done, Gary and I are just feel extremely grateful that we have this opportunity to move to Florida. It is a great program and will provide the sports medicine training he is so interested in. I have my two beautiful boys, Florida sky's, and my best friend to keep me busy and happy while Gary is gone.

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