Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits for March and April

1. You loved dyeing Easter Eggs with your friend Emma this year. I still had to be very cautious because of the carpet under the table.
2. You got your first stomach bug of 2016 the day of the community Easter egg hunt and you are still sad that you missed it. 
3. You loved when Grandma Allen came and stayed for a few days and you cried when we dropped her off at the airport.
4. We had to sign you up for ear tube surgery again and I was anxious that it would be a traumatic experience. Thankfully, you handled it a lot better with minimal crying. The anesthesiologist even came and told us after the surgery that you were so brave and a great 4 year old and he was impressed that he could reason with you. Your favorite part was getting a popsicle.
5. I got to attend parent teacher conference and the teachers only had awesome things to say about you! They said you loved your friends and always has a smile on. They said you will play with anyone and everyone. You love outside time too.

1. You started taking steps the Sunday before my birthday but did not take off walking until I left to go to Florida for a few days. I came home to a Lennox that only walked!
2. You are getting picky with food.
3. I transitioned you to only taking one nap at the end of April because it was just getting too hard trying to get that second nap in and you were never very happy waking up from it.
4. You love to hit the ball of the tee.
5. Since it has gotten warmer you have found that outside is a lot more fun then inside. You love the park or even stroller rides. You let us know that you disapprove coming inside.


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