Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits

1. You ask about going back to Iowa multiple times a day. The other day you said, "Momma, I miss Iowa"
"I miss Iowa too"
"I miss Emma"
My heart shattered and any time I think of that comment I wish more than anything to go back.
2. You want friends and you've had to rely on Lennox and that has become nice for you to recognize him more.
3. Pre-School can not come soon enough. You want to start NOW! And you ask me several times to go see it.
4. You won't let me teach you how to swim and refuse to take your floaty off. 
5. We went to the beach on Saturday and you were in HEAVEN! I am so grateful you loved the beach and everything about it. You loved the ocean and wake surfing. You also loved playing in the sand.
1. You loved the beach too! You loved the ocean and how it would come up and down at your feet. You also liked putting sand and mom and into your bucket.
2. Communicating with you is growing every day. You understand a good portion of what we say to you and you are using new words every once in awhile. However, you still call me "dada"....
3. You are not a huge fan of the pool but I can keep you entertained for 30min and then you want a snack.
4. You love Austin and playing with him... but only if Austin doesn't invade your stuff and space.
5. You always come and bring me books to read but I am lucky in I can through the first page without you jumping off my lap and grabbing another book.

This is the group we went to the beach with, this isn't even all the resident families.

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