Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits

1. You started swimming lessons and you are rocking it!
2. You've gotten really into telling long made up stories and teasing people in a funny way.
3. You told swim teacher that you were tooting on her and that just describes your personality right now... just a big tease.
4. I am having a really hard time getting anything done outside the house these days because you detest any type of errand.
5. They say at the child watch that your a good big brother.
6. Grandma Kaye and Grandpa Brady took you to Disney World and it was quite magical and hotttt.

1. You and I are very frustrated right now. You can't communicate and we are both struggling because of it. This age is hard. 
2. You have learned a few words like: belly button, car, bird, fish, push, teeth
3. However, you do understand a lot more words.
4. We always new you were an animal, loving boy but you really have no fear on when it comes to dogs... you love them!
5. You are still a good little sleeper and I am SO grateful for that!

it is very rare that you do not have a goose egg on your head

you love smoothies and....

feeding yourself

lining up the trains and be so proud

carousal at Disney and being very tired

looking at the animals

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