Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits

1. You just finished your first week of VPK (volunteering preschool) and you absolutely love it! You wish you could go on the weekends too.
2. You still ask more questions than any 4 year old I know.
3. They say at the gym that you are a great older brother and watch out for Lennox.
4. We keep practicing your swimming and your getting more confident.
5. At of the blue you will tell me you love me and it always is such a wonderful surprise.
6. Your imagination is going wild!
cuddles with mom

first day of pre-k

1. Right now is a tough age, we are both frustrated with one another because the lack of communication.
2. The best thing to come out of this right now is that you have not learned to say "NO" but can say "ya". However, you are very good at letting us know "no" regardless without having to say the actual word.
3. You give the best 2 second cuddles and will lay your head down and Dad and I love it.
4. I was looking back at what Austin was like at this age and Austin was in love with trains and Thomas the Train! You like trains, and trucks, but do no have infatuation like Austin did with Thomas the Train or any T.V show for that matter.
5. You started going to nursery by yourself and you do not approve. You always say "ya" to nursery but when it comes time for Dad to skip out than you want nothing to do with it. I think the gym child watch has gone well is because you have Austin to help keep your happy.

the beach was too exhausting to stay awake for dinner

first day of nursery

being a cute little stinker and wont hold still

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