Monday, October 24, 2016

3rd Week of October

All of Gainesville shuts down for UF's homecoming so Austin didn't have school that Friday. The school's homecoming parade was that afternoon and I decided to turn into a play date and embrace the fact that we live in Gator Country and we need to celebrate too.
We car pooled with some friends and got there early to find a shady spot and enjoy a snow cone. The parade was really fun for the first hour. My boys loved all the sounds, trucks, and waving they got to do. However, it started to get really hot and we were all done and the parade was getting really slow. So we ditched out and went home for afternoon naps, I felt like we gave it a good shot.

Gary and I attended the football game the next day and we got soaked. I tried to be a good sport about it but after the 3rd quarter of getting rained on I was done and wanted something yummy to eat and to be dry.
The whole next week consisted of going to the gym, school, and sleeping (repeat). We pretty much do the same thing everyday to stay busy. We also went to the library one day and the splash pad another day. We also go to go swimming!!! in OCTOBER! I could have never said that in Iowa. 
Saturday Austin had T-ball. He loves it. He has a huge smile on his face for the whole hour. The whole hour is comical to the parents because the kids are uncoordinated and have no clue what they are doing so we all have a good time. Even Lennox is a good sport about it and will walk around and watch. After T-ball we went to Coon Hollo. It is a pumpkin patch, kinda. It doesn't grow pumpkins but has all the other stuff pumpkin patches have. The boys loved it all. Lennox's favorite part was the tractor rides. Austin's favorite part was the slide. Gary and I even split up so the boys could do their favorite thing over and over again. They had a swing thing, pony rides, feed the cows, and pig races. It was a fun Saturday with our little family that we hadn't had since September with Daddy working. I will say Iowa knows how to do fall and pumpkin patches a lot better then Florida and we were all missing it that day. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

1st half of October

The cooler temperatures have been so nice, it is only 10 degrees less but you can tell!
We've been playing outside more and getting way too many mosquito bites to count (zika!!!).
I am bound and determined to clean up the back yard so I can start planting things and maybe put a garden in. The boys are loving being outside and playing in the dirt (really it is sand) and when it is time to come in I basically have to hose them off. 
Gary is working a lot. This has been his hardest rotation and thankfully, we only have little less than a week and half to go. Unfortunately, he has the rotation 3 more times.
I got a job sewing pillows for an etsy company and I am enjoying doing something I love and making money. This job has also kicked in my gear to start sewing blankets again and it has been fun finding new things I want to make.
Austin is still the same boy. BUSY BUSY. The moment he wakes up until the minute he closes his eyes he does not stop. On the days he doesn't have school are tough. He wants to be entertained and be told what "fun" activity are we doing next that I am exhausted and truthfully, done with him. He has the sweetest heart and I am always impressed on what comes out of his mouth. The boy has never met a stranger. The neatest experience is realizing your son is color blind to the human race. I always made it a point to never describe someone by the color of their skin but I didn't think that would stop him from noticing the differences. He doesn't have a clue. One day at the gas station he was being Austin and started up a causal conversation with with two African Americans about why he got to pick out a treat. As they were leaving they both came up to me and told me that I am raising my son to be an upstanding man. This isn't the first time I've been told this by someone of the different race, the first time was back in Iowa when he was a year and half and waved to man getting his mail. I feel like I haven't contributed to Austin being that way at all (I'll still take the credit though, wink wink) but he was born this way! I hope and pray he remains color blind for the rest of his life. On a funnier note, he says some funny things like- I've got to put bug spray on him and he stands up straight with his arms wide out and says "stand like Jesus on the Cross" and then lets me spray him.
Lennox is such a cute little boy. He is slowly becoming less and less baby. He has a favorite TV show (paw patrol and says it like pa, pa), books, and toys. He does not like his brother's affection and honestly, Austin is a little over board with it. He started interlocking his fingers for prayer. He only lets Mommy put him to bed. He is going through the stage where he fights getting into his car seat EVERY TIME. He will give me kisses if I ask for it. He loves to help with chores, especially putting the laundry away. He is either happy or grumpy, no in between.
Well, that's about the best update I can give since there is no way I will back blog so here is to hoping I stay on top of it!