Wednesday, November 9, 2016

4th week of October

The last week of October we had our first visitors stay with us. It was Gary's Mission President's daughter and her husband from Brazil, Vicky and Igor. They were coming to American to take dental courses at UF. They arrived Sunday night and left Friday morning. We enjoyed having them here and Gary loved speaking Portuguese. Thankfully they spoke English as well and Austin just loved to talk to them and learn new "porkagese" words. Austin kept telling them "I speak normal". One night they made a traditional Brazilian meal of beans and rice and it was like we were visiting Brazil! No need to go!!! (just kidding Gary, kinda) We were all sad to see them leave on Friday and Austin was so sad. Austin loves having someone knew to talk and who hasn't grown a little tired from all his questions. Even Lennox, our shy child, warmed up to them. 
Right after this picture, I took a picture with Vicky's phone and Lennox had the biggest grin- he is such a weirdo

That Friday afternoon Gary got off early and we decided to take full advantage of it and the fact he had the weekend off to so we headed to Disney!
We hadn't been to Epcot yet so our plan was to explore Epcot and last until the fireworks. The weather was beautiful with a light breeze. We were able to go on a lot of rides and check out the huge aquarium. Lennox loved running from one fish to another fish. The day was perfect. Lennox did not like the fireworks and scream and held onto me for dear life. The minute we got back to our car Lennox fell asleep for the rest of the night and Austin soon followed. 

While waiting for Dad and Austin to get done with a ride, Lennox and I explored the Chevy exhibit. He loved it and pushing all the buttons. 
 The next day we set out for Magic Kingdom. We were tired from our exhausting day yesterday but we did our fast passes and some other rides but decided to call it quits around 3. We wanted something really good for lunch and found a Chevy's! And oh my... it was SOOOO good. And the best part was the boys were good too. We traveled back home with happy dreams and a fully belly.
This is by far his favorite ride of the whole park
Sunday we went to the Granto's for dinner and carved our pumpkin. Austin picked out the design and Gary carved it. Lennox wasn't being himself and was starting to sound awful.

That night around midnight Lennox work up with a raging fever and vomiting. We were up for several hours with him. Every time we gave him medicine he would throw it up 5 minutes later. Thankfully we eventually got some little sleep but were nervous what that morning would bring.
It was Halloween Day and Lennox was feeling ok but still had a slight fever. I decided to risk it and take him and Austin to Austin's school parade. Austin decided to be a fireman since he couldn't be anything that promoted violence. Austin was in heaven and Lennox was just content to sit in the stroller and never move, so it actually worked out. 
sick baby

Happiest boy on earth
Lennox struggled the rest of the day and by the time it was ready to go trick or treating he had decided he was done! He just fell apart and could not be consoled. I wasn't really to fight him into his costume but Gary wasn't giving up so I pinned him down and wrangled him into it. We took him outside to go get pictures and Gary ask me, "are you going to take his binky out?" and I looked at him and was like "H*ll no". So we are calling the binky his mouth guard and it explains the tears in his eyes.

Gary took the boys out for an hour and then brought Lennox home and took Austin out alone for another hour. Austin came back with quite the loot. It was a great Halloween for Austin and an exhausting one for Mom, Dad, and Lennox.

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