Monday, January 2, 2017

Thanksgiving 2016

Gary was fortunate to get Thanksgiving week off and we took full advantage of it and headed to Utah! We went to Saint George fist and had a wonderful time. The boys were loving life and were getting spoiled by Grandma K. It was a short 4 day stay but we didn't let that get us down, we packed it full of fun.
The first day (I think) the boys, including Gary, got a train to go around the Christmas tree. They had so much fun with it the rest of the holiday season.

Bubble Baths! And when I say bubble bath, I mean it. The tub was only fourth of the way filled with water, the rest was bubbles.

A new park, called the Train Park, opened up in St. George and it was so cool! The boys loved it.

Thanksgiving Day- good food, and better company!

It was so good to be home for Thanksgiving and to see family. The visit was too short but we were on our way up north by Friday morning to go see more family, and COUSINS!
Friday and Saturday consisted of cousins time and Austin was loving it. He loves his cousins so much and it is always a blast. 
Saturday night Gary and I had a date with Dan and Andrea at the BYU Game. We went to Joe Vera's fist and than wobbled our way to the stadium. It was a great game besides Taysom Hill getting hurt  and I didn't freeze too bad.

Sunday morning we went to Sacrament Meeting at Andrea's ward and then headed further up north to Brigham City. Again, the visit was too short but we had a blast.
Brigham City was low key since the weather kinda decided to dump some snow. Austin was insistent that he go out and explore so with some too big boots and gloves to large. He went outside and lasted 10min. It was fun to be in Brigham City with the grandparents, not knowing when we will back since they are leaving on a mission it was nice to have a stop there. Again, we the visit was too short since on Tuesday morning we were on a plane headed back to Florida.

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